Sharing Mother Nature’s Beauty & Love

20180614_065005_HDR_Signature_SignatureTree Spirit Dreams

I have an affinity for Tree Spirit Dreams.  Nature inspires me and restores me.  Whenever I am feeling out-of-sorts, or need a pick-me-up, a walk outside, with grass, trees, lakes, rivers, and gardens, absolutely fills me up.  Being open, allows dreams to begin.  Once dreams begin … anything can happen!

Tree Spirit Dreams was birthed with bark from a tree in my backyard that had died.  Sage from a walk, pinecones from one of my pine trees, tiny branches from the backyard crabapple tree. The feather was left outside my door … I always think of my Mom when I’m gifted feathers!  Moss from here and there.  The dreamcatcher was from a discarded earring – a perfect fit!  Her headdress is a delicate copper chain (great healing properties) with wooden beads and turquoise stones.  She is 10 inches from bottom to tip-top, hanging from a hemp string.  Even during meditation, she helps to ground me.  She’s way prettier in person!

20180620_073047_HDR_Signature_480x874Talking Stick – Tell Me Your Story

When I found this stick up on the shores of Lake Superior, I was mesmerized.  What stories are held within?  I wanted to enhance the beauty of the stick, allowing it to be held, the energies felt, and encourage the holder to bring their story to light.  The break of the stick was perfect for placing a face, a bit of bark is on top of head and strings of wood and turquoise beads (speak your truth) are the headdress, the moss creates a sense of flow.  This piece holds both feminine and masculine energies and is about 7.5inches tall.  Great for a Circle of Sharing.  What a treasure from Mother Nature!


This is the 2nd incarnation of Beyou.  Initially, Beyou was wrapped in needle felted wool woven with yellow, green, orange, white, pink colors and moss interspersed.  After a few days of Being unsettled … I released Beyou from the blanketed wool wrap, added stones, driftwood and moss … and the freedom was a delight!  Beyou is easily held at about 7inches long, the crystal adds energy and encourages the holder to release whatever is binding you from your authentic self … and BE YOU!

Ever-so-grateful for the guidance of Spirit/God in the continued birthing of Spirit Dolls.  Thank you for being a part of the unfolding!




Where Magic Happens …

Be the feather!

It’s so much easier to stay in a safe circle, cocooned, snuggled, no worries … with delightful contentment as the soft, fleecy blanket of protection.  Being content is a gift in life.  Many strive for a day of pure contentment …

Sometimes, stepping out into the bigger circle, brings a brightness to Life, a quickening of the heart.  It’s when change is in the air, a prodding of Spirit, perhaps “Divine Discontent” and feeling a bit off-kilter.  It’s a quiet knowing Truth – isn’t whispering so softly anymore and it’s getting my attention.  stonecircle

Over the years, I have found it’s way easier to embrace the greater circle of the unknown rather than stubbornly drag my heels, as change IS going to happen.  So, I can resist with tears and frustration or accept ease and grace – either way, I am cradled with Divine Love (which is very reassuring) and know magic and miracles await when I’m ready to see them. I love looking back and can sigh with relief at the closures of some pretty crazy Life Lessons I’ve learned, thankfully sooner than later, because I’ve listened to Spirit.  Those closures have always been for my highest good.

I’m enjoying the analogy of being the feather in the outside circle, outside my comfort zone …  It’s evolving spiritually, having faith, being protected, gaining knowledge and honoring the continual practice of listening to the Whispers.

featherSpirit/God gives me plenty of practice moments … It’s Life! … not always easy, where there are bumps in the road and detours, and the scenery changes … and I am in awe … because that’s …

… where magic happens …                                                                                                                              I’m the feather – how about you?