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Here’s the Thing … Collage Wisdom #2


Welcome to this Mini-Series on the

Unfolding Collage Wisdom of Life & Changes 

You don’t always need a plan … That’s easier said than done!  How about you?  Maybe it was the way I was raised, because, there was always a plan.  Life wasn’t in order if there wasn’t a plan.  Then, there was a back-up plan for just in case, right?  Wrapping my brain around not always having a plan has been a decades-long exercise in … breathing and allowing.  If it was exercise in the physical sense, I’d be buffed and toned beyond belief !  ‘Don’t/Always’, are key here … because sometimes plans are necessary = Life. Reality.  I’m encouraging the realization in not having a plan, is being open to possibilities that perhaps haven’t been thought of or imagined yet.

Sometimes you just need to breathe … I’ve noticed, breathing is a theme in my collage.  It’s been a word I’ve used over and over with clients.  Because, it’s so important.  Many would get gold stars for shallow breathing … it’s the deep breaths that make a difference.  That oxygen into our cells, is a bit of a miracle in itself.   I practice mindful breathing, it’s amazing how my body softens and worries melt when I consciously pay attention to my breath.  The long-term effects, for me … mellower in my response to negative events going on in life.  I’m focused on the present, this moment. Now.  So grateful.


A recent gift from a friend … Thanks, Karen!

Let go and see what happens …  Wheee ….  Yikes … BREATHE … This is where I acknowledge how grateful I am for the gift of faith.  Letting go of the plans.  Trusting and believing Spirit/God and I are ok.  There is a time, a connection, a place greater than I can even imagine, all coming into place.   Surrendering and accepting what is right now, is a relief and also a sense of excitement.  Allowing life to surprise me in most amazing ways.  And when I let go with ease and grace and nothing is happening … in whatever I deem is a reasonable time … then I’m ok with making a move to do something.  It’s usually in-line with the whisper/nudge/tap I talked about in Collage Wisdom #1.

You don’t always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breathe.  Let go and see what happens.

More to come!

Blessings and Love,




“You cannot write his story …”

Do you ever have times when you think you know what’s best for someone?  If they would only … dot dot dot … life would be better for them – and for you (of course).  The struggles would disappear … poof … if they would only DO what you are telling/suggesting/encouraging them to do.  I mean, how hard can it be?  After all, you only want what’s best for them.

Ahhh, it doesn’t work, does it?  Yes, we can share our thoughts and concerns and be encouraging.  Sometimes it really is a responsibility to do so – and perhaps they have even asked for our input because they trust us and value our opinions.

One morning, during my meditation and journal time, I was wanting things better for someone. I had been sharing my opinion with them, and feeling like it was going … nowhere.  Loving this person to pieces, I went into the quiet, gentle space in my heart.  After a while, I heard a voice and saw a very clear image of an empty notebook, with me holding a beautiful feather pen.  The voice said (I believe it was God), “You cannot write his story.”  It took my breath away.  The emotions that came where ones of clarity and relief.  I am a character in his story, just as he is in mine.  His choices create his adventures and the chapters in his life.  My choices create mine.  I’m not his creative writer – I’m not his director – he totally is.   It was a relief, indeed – and it has helped me respond in a softer, compassionate way, not only with him, but everyone else.

Worry, judging, and attempts at controlling can make us very unhappy, even physically and emotionally sick if we’re really good at it.  Listening, being attentive, letting go, (not  always easy), trusting and loving are positive influences we flourish with.  We enjoy and feel good being around positive people, don’t we?  We let them into our life stories knowing it’s going to make a great chapter.  It’s nice to think we are one of the characters in their story, too.  One that is alive with the sharing of good fortune, a bit of mischief for good measure and kindness.  If we’re lucky, they will continue to write us in, all the way  to their very last chapter.

Today, think about how you are writing your story and look at all the characters in it.  It’s your story – you can edit however you choose.  That’s exciting and challenging – editing often is.  Every once in a while, if you’re quiet and listen, you may hear a voice whisper to you … helping you in ways you haven’t even imagined – yet!