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My Very 1st Dream Come True … I was 4 years old! Then Dream #3 …



When I was 4 and a Princess!

I’m sharing about Dreaming BIG.  Acknowledging fear, having faith and trust in  Spirit/God/Universe.  The immensity of it, is lost on me.  Toss in a bit of synchronicity, intuition and prayer … Wow, dreams do come true.

Let me take you back to when I was 4 years old.

My Daddy-o had come up to say goodnight to his Princess (me!).  He was about to make a dream come true, but I didn’t know it, yet, and he didn’t either.

My Daddy-o told me, he had a new job in a new town and we, our little Fambly, with Mom, Ricky and Timmy, were going to move.  I started to cry – I didn’t want to move!  I loved the attic bedroom he and Mom had painted with life-sized Goofy, Donald Duck, Micky & Minnie Mouse dancing on the walls.  My Grandma Marie lived close by and she would drive me in her fancy black car with red interior and magic windows to get my very own A&W Root Beer, in just my size mug.  Daddy-o was trying to reassure me as my tears and sobbing were rather dramatic.  Poor guy! Being 4 and his Princess, I gulped and caught my breath.  I stopped crying, and said, rather firmly – I would go if he found me a purple house … reassuring myself, we would stay happily at home surrounded by my Disney friends …



… well … he found it!

It was a purple/violet stucco house with a round charming window.  I.am.not.kidding!  Prayer answered for him … and an affirmation he really was on the right path in moving his little Fambly up north to Brainerd, Minnesota.  He came home, picked me up and twirled me.  He let me know, yes, indeed we were moving – to a purple little house!

It was my very first dream come true!  It set me up for believing at a very early age.

I shared Dream #1 and #2 in my past blog.

Now we’re onto Dream #3 …


My little cottage house filled with light and love.

It was hard living in my apartment after the folks died.  Their house was right across the yard.  It was convenient while we were adjusting to the change of them being gone and getting it ready to sell after they had passed.  When all was said and done – I was ready for change.  I missed a yard.  I missed campfires, I missed having a house.  I wrote in my journal about it.  I drew a picture of what I dreamed in a perfect little house for me.  It was a pencil drawing and included:

  1. Facing East-West – Still love the morning sun and the evening sunsets.
  2. Short, flat driveway.
  3. Rambler – With only 1 step up.
  4. No basement.
  5. Clothes line.
  6. Back yard campfire space.
  7. Trees & flowers.
  8. Clean gutters from a 6′ step ladder.
  9. Clean windows without a ladder!
  10. 2 bedrooms, so I could do my massage business out of my home – no more renting offices.
  11. A garage.
photo of bonfire

Photo by rasik on Pexels.com

With dreams, I listen to the nudges of Spirit/God and I have to do the work.  I was going to see a loan officer about a house.  I took a breath and allowed for vulnerability to ride with me – not easy – breathe – but real.   Seeing what I was paying in rent for apartment and office, I was given the ok to look for a place – With the expectation it would take a while … Hmmmm!

Well … With my Realtor, Liz Timothy at my side, and brother, Rick, who used to do house inspections and another brother, Jake and friend, Leslie – in tow – I wasn’t doing this alone – We set out looking, and looking …

Until …

We found it!  I hoped we had – breathe!  It was the little house I had drawn – the only exception was – the garage was attached – sweet bonus!  After confirming with the Credit Union – Affinity Plus, and prayers AND talking to my Angels, I went in with an offer for them (and I also asked for the wheelbarrow and the clothespin bag.)

white textile

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I was anxious.  Hopeful.  Tried not to get excited.  Waiting is awful, isn’t it?   I asked Spirit/God and my Angels to please give me a sign to let me know how this deal was going.

Then, I ran an errand.

Driving past the Post Office, I saw a license plate with the name ‘Hazel on it.  For real.  It was Hazel’s house I wanted to buy!  I continued to my office to see a client. While I was waiting, I opened a magazine skimmed to the middle of page, middle paragraph and the line said, ‘my Grandma Hazel …’!  My heart was smiling  – so was I.  I called Liz and asked if Hazel was still here, alive, or had she passed?  She had crossed over a couple of months earlier.  Hazel was letting me know – she was supporting me in getting her house!  A few days later, her family accepted my offer and agreed to my requests.

I picked Summer Solstice as my closing date … The moonlight was on my pillow that night!

My little cottage house is a beckon of light and love.  It is a blessing to me and everyone who crosses the threshold.


My encouragement to you: Dream.  Imagine.  Ask Spirit/God/Universe to support you for your highest good.  Listen to the Whispers of Spirit.  Do the work.  Gather information. Journal.  Meditate. Draw pictures. Create collages.  Trust.  Breathe.  Be grateful for the people around you who support you.  Don’t worry about the ones who don’t.  Ask for help when you need it.  Take a break.  Breathe some more.  Know you are being guided and you are loved.  You are not alone.  Spirit/God is near.  Always.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!  If you have enjoyed this post, please ‘Like’ it and share with others. I am an Energy Worker and Intuitive Listener and Guide – no matter how near or far you are – I’m sending you light and peace!



Take a Breath & Try …

I have the most amazing ladies in my Book Club.  We’re unconventional, and eclectic and meet twice a month, simply because we marvel in each other’s company.  Sometimes we read a book and it will last for months, because we read a few chapters at a time and then share our thoughts and experiences.  Once, we took turns reading aloud, Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It took a while, but we loved it, and followed up with visiting The Charles A Lindbergh Historic Site in Little Falls, MN and a fabulous lunch.  We’ve recently been watching inspirational TED Talks together and listen to speakers who challenge our way of thinking and affirm to us, how amazing we truly are.

Our latest book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  We took a month to read it and a month of discussion – along with our own “Show & Tell”.  We challenged each other to share ways Big Magic has shown up in our lives.  We have writers, artists with a variety of mediums, story-tellers, photographers, travelers, builders, gardeners, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters … I did say amazing ladies, didn’t I?  We’re breaking through fear barriers, sharing with each other, as we take a breath & try whatever inspirational thought = action happens to nudge us.  Those fear barriers … “What will people think of me?” … “I’m not good enough.” … are being tossed to the curb, and we find ourselves (I find myself), nearly giddy with the joy of doing for no other reason than joy!

One of my Big Magic moments happened yesterday.  First, a little history: My Grandma Grace was an artist – oil, acrylic and water color and painted until her passing at 93.  My mom took an art class in her 60’s and enjoyed her assignments, partly because she had to “make time to play”.  Dad made her an oak drawing table, so there was a designated space to create – she loved the time she lost, as she watched her creations unfold.  I have recently acquired her drawing table!  (It was stored away after she crossed over). In the last month, I have pulled out her and Grandma Grace’s art books, paint brushes, pencils, various types of paper and canvases.  I’ve looked at them, for weeks, neatly scattered in my den, trying not to be intimidated – ha!

Yesterday, I heard the words, “Take a breath & try …”

And so I did!


Letting go of fear … (I’m sharing with you) … and being giddy with the joy of creating.  Not for money, or recognition, but simply honoring my Spirit, who always wants to guide and cheer me on – whether I’m ready or not!

Today, I encourage you to be open to magical moments.  Listen to Spirit’s nudges and then,  “Take a breath & try …”